How to Use the Entire Piano Keyboard

You will find 88 keys on the piano keyboard. Most pianists use about 1/3 with this number almost all of the time. Why?

Well, if most likely playing printable music, the answer lies in how the composer used the keyboard. Should you be creating your own music, the answer is situated in experimenting with the options. record player repair

Now, almost all of my own music is played nearby the core keyboard. It’s not planned that way but this is the part of the piano I actually naturally gravitate towards when siting down to learn. Of course, I do and have used most records available on the keyboard and it would be a shame not to. But I allow the music to tell myself where it wants to travel. If I sit down with a predetermined plan to play high remarks, then I am not listening to my gut instinct.

Although I have to admit that in Lessons 5: “Winter Scene” We wanted to create a crisp wintry sound so I started further up the keyboard with the left hand and played out higher register notes in my right. But most times, I will let my intuition guide myself and 9 times away of 10 commence at the middle of the keyboard.

There is nothing at all wrong or uncreative relating to this at all. In truth, it doesn’t really subject where you commence because once started, the center and mind work along as you bringing you the ideal music. It’s the only true music that can come out of you because you listen to what your heart wants to play. If you play a few bass paperwork to commence with fine. Want to start out at the high-end of the keyboard, OK.

The key here is authenticity. Some arrangement and improvisations sound artificial because they were – that is they were thought up. There really is nothing wrong every se with this way – as long as you let the music assist you. For example, you may decide you should do as I performed and make a certain feelings piece. Yet , once you get the general idea for the music, allow it guide you to where it wants to go – that is, hear, listen, listen for what is coming next. This kind of approach never fails and will most always deliver good results.

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